teeth whitening

Since recently, such a procedure is, how the teeth whitening is very popular due to performance and availability. However, to get the effect of a professional bleaching it took as long as possible, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules. The fact is that this procedure is for a time makes the surface of the teeth porous, which means that the teeth are much more sensitive and more common susceptible to staining. This is the reason why it was created the concept of "white diet".

White (clear) diet - a diet for lightening the teeth, which means the renunciation of food and drink, in the composition, which have a colouring substance.


In the day of the procedure teeth and a few days after her will have to forget about the products, the coloring of the teeth. Forbidden to eat:

  • tea and coffee tea and coffee beverages,
  • compotes, juices, soft drinks,
  • sweet carbonated drinks and red wine,
  • cocoa and chocolate,
  • not white-ice cream,
  • jams and preserves,
  • colored sauces (soy, spices and ketchup),
  • bright fresh vegetables (carrots, beets, etc.),
  • other foods with bright dyes.

Also, for a time, it is better to give up the food containing acids (fruit, citrus fruit, berries), and cigarettes. At this time, is not recommended to treat wounds on the lips, iodine or Zelenka, and use for medical purposes, sea buckthorn oil, or potassium permanganate.

When adheres to the white diet after teeth whitening is that you can drink? In most cases, after this visit to the doctor teeth temporarily become very sensitive, because of what patients need to be careful on the hot and cold, hard and acidic drinks and foods.

If, after the procedure, the patient must take the medication "dark" color, as it is possible, better to replace them with the "bright" counterparts.


White diet after teeth whitening - what you can eat and then? Without the risk to destroy the whole effect of whitening patients can eat in unlimited quantities of such products, such as:

  • white meat chicken/white fish,
  • clear broth,
  • rice and white beans,
  • egg white,
  • fresh cheese and cheese tofu,
  • white fungus and algae
  • white or chinese cabbage,
  • walnuts.

You can feel free to cook pasta from durum wheat and buy bread made of whole wheat flour. Oatmeal, buckwheat and corn porridge also will go only on advantage. If the patient is very fond of sweet, fruit, sauces, sweets are banned, you can supplement the diet with bananas, apples without the peel and white currant.


A logical question that arises in patients after the procedure - the "white" diet after bleaching teeth how long should it take? Dentists recommend that they can without the usual "live" products 2-3 days ago, but precisely to consolidate the result, it is advisable to eat the above scheme for a period of 2 weeks. It sounds scary - forget about coffee, tea, red wine, however the end justifies the means.

If in the period of the diet, the patient still could not resist drinking or eating a product that contains dyes, he urgently needed to thoroughly clean the teeth. To be sure, remove the remnants of coloring food, it is useful to take advantage of special pasta, and the means for rinsing the mouth, which may recommend that the treating dentist.


To keep your teeth white long after whitening, little to eat correctly. It is also important to use dental floss and in any case, do not omit the cleaning of the teeth. For all devices for oral hygiene, which are offered in pharmacies or stores, it is better to choose those that contain fluoride.

Women who every day painted lips labial lipstick or gloss, preferably 3 days after the procedure, to refrain from this habit.

If all instructions have been complied with, then the effect of sharp white smiles will delight you in the course of 2 years! Admit that it is worth waiting 2 weeks. But if neglected the rules of prevention, keep your drinks, the coloring of the teeth, then the result is a costly procedure will be equal to zero.

To maintain healthy and beautiful teeth - is not so difficult. To do this you need to follow the rules of hygiene, visit the dentist 2 times per year and keep track of your food habits. Be healthy!